After starting life as Seven Magazine, referencing the 7 Basque provinces,  we have evolved to become Basque International, a name that better reflects our content. International subject either from or reflecting on the Basque Country.

Our Readers are:
Visitors: come to the Basque Country to discover the surf, landscape, cuisine, and a healthy lifestyle.
New Residents: visited and decided it was too perfect to leave.
Locals: are proud of their home and what the Basque Country offers.
Everyone: lives an active, healthy lifestyle influenced by the ocean and mountains while enjoying the best in everything from fine arts and architecture to surfing and yoga.
Printed on beautiful paper in English, French, and Basque.

Issue 01

 ETXEKOA, means “homemade”.
“EXTEKOAK” is a section in the magazine that features local “homegrown” people that share their different experiences.
“ON AIME ON Y VA”, places we love and actually go to.
“DELICIOUS”, where we feature the best local chefs and some great places to eat.
“EXPRESSION SESSION” is a place we leave to artists to create something visual for the magazine, to share what they are currently doing. It’s a term from surf competitions where the surfers just do what they feel and anything goes.
“EXTEKOAK”, “DELICIOUS” “ON AIME ON Y VA” and “EXPRESSION SESSION” use the three languages in the magazine. The article uses the original language in the section and the translations are at the back. If you are a visitor who has come to discover the Basque Country or a new resident who has visited and decided it was too perfect to leave or a local, proud of what your country is and has to offer, then we hope you will find something in our pages that you find as dreamy as we do. Local life, global appeal.