Across the floors of silent seas

Starvos Moukazis

in issue 02:

Buying a Greek fishing boat for the Basque County?

“ No you can’t buy my boat. The day I stop fishing and paying for my license, the government will make me take it out of the water and destroy it, smash it to pieces. My father had this 7 meter wood boat in 1958, he passed it down to me. Most of the small fishermen here give up because there is not enough fish anymore. The banks have invested so heavily in fish farms here, they have thought of everything, including new laws to insure its success. I can’t sell my boat, I can’t even keep it for pleasure. Many boats here in Samos, and all over Greece are destroyed every winter. The large boats, mostly from Italy, are still here dragging the sea floor to take the few remaining fish stocks. They need the small fish to make fishmeal to feed the fish farms. When there are no more fish in the sea, banks and industry will control seafood with farms like they are doing with other forms of agriculture. Fish will become just another monopoly.” –  Starvos Moukazis

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