With precision like a master craftsman and the artistic expression of a painter, it’s hard to think of Chef Dani Lopez as a freestylin’ rock’n roll chef. Perhaps that’s because many Michelin star chefs run their kitchen with a military-like conviction, not this one. The feeling in the kitchen is like being in a family where all its members are going quietly about their business, quietly I say, except for rock music pumping out of the kitchen’s speakers before opening hours. The kitchen at Kokotxa is Basque Nouvelle cuisine and being a disciple of Luis Irizar, Lopez stays true to its roots. But tradition can make way for evolution and creativity. Starting with the highest quality local products is not enough, he strives to offer up the truth, “tasting the truth”, in the products, once they are served on the plate. You must not miss the essence of the original produce.  Koktxa is situated in the old town, close to the sea, so it’s normal that much of the menu is from the Atlantic. Chef Dani Lopez feels connected to the ocean finding time to paddle out on his board for moments of oceanic inspiration that find their way to the table. Recently Chef Lopez exported his cuisine by opening “Rias by Kokotxa”, on the seaside town of Shima in Japan. He is a true Basque International.


Restaurant Kokotxa – Calle del Campanario, 11, 20003 Donostia-San Sebastian • Tel: +34 943 42 19 04

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