Food Fix

Thinking about the San Sebastián Gastronomika, makes our mouths water. The 19th edition of Gastronomika explores the favorite cuisines of India. Imagine, “the rich “street food,” the tandooris and biryanis, the spices, the explosion of vegetables, the infinitude of breads, the complexity of pulses, the endless curries, dairy products, coconut, fish and seafood, lamb and meat…” YUM! We love well-made food and especially when it’s with fresh, organic and not genetically modified ingredients. To us, eating clean isn’t just about going to the local farmers market, garden, or Bio shop to cook culinary masterpieces at home. Occasionally we put our shoes on, go out and splurge a bit on food made by the best chefs in the world. Our spot is Elkano Restaurant for a simple barbecue fish seasoned with salt, oil, and vinegar, of course, it’s the most authentic in Euskadi Basque Country.  However, this spot has come a long way since Pedro Arregui’s start in the 70s. His son Aitor has grown the legacy in cool ways, taking Pablo Vicari, Argentinian chef as part of the team and together they’ve adapted the restaurant to other excellent culinary tastes. One can say Elkano has earned its stripes, honored with Michelin status. More importantly, quality comes every morning as each fish is picked by hand at the local fishing port below Elkano. Let’s eat, bon appétit.

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