by Fabrice Laroche

“Réminiscence” is a series of photographs derived from aerial analog photos, representing an ode to memory.

The journey began with the discovery of photographic treasures – hundreds of glass plates abandoned in a cellar since the 1960s. These silent fragments of the past are destined to be rediscovered from a fresh perspective, thus preserving the visual heritage of iconic landscapes.

Through analog techniques, I embarked on the delicate task of unveiling their hidden potential by interconnecting them.

In the darkroom, I merged the aerial shots onto a large sheet of silver gelatin paper, using a torch to redefine their contours before bringing them forth with a developer-soaked sponge. This method birthed a surprising alchemy that created visual symbiosis.

In this series of photographs, the reappropriation goes beyond mere artistic context. It’s a means to preserve visual heritage and connect history to our present identity. Stemming from this series of aerial images, Orègue offers a unique perspective, capturing its beauty from the past.

The meticulous process of analog re-printing enables the fusion of aerial shots onto silver gelatin paper, thus crafting a striking visual alchemy. It’s a true symbiosis between the past and the present through the rediscovery of a transformed landscape.

These plates express the value of visual heritage and the importance of preserving our photographic legacy. It’s more than just a photographic montage; it’s a reappropriation of perspective, admiration, and history.

At the core of this reappropriation lies a timeless connection, inviting us to rediscover our history through a contemporary lens where analog photography pays tribute to the scientific art of aerial viewing from the 1960s.

To better comprehend these images, it’s necessary to approach closely, for from a distance, a phenomenon of confusion may arise due to the amalgamation of images and their seemingly incongruous density due to plate overlay.

“Réminiscences” invites us into this exploration, where each image is a celebration of our planet. It’s a celebration of timeless beauty, urging us to ponder the continuity of time.