Sacred Shores

By Taki Bibelas

I find myself drawn to the enchanting shore—the juncture where the land, ocean, and sky converge in harmony. As the horizon gracefully disappears, a sense of divinity envelopes the world beneath, beckoning me to delve deeper. Inspired by the words of Larkin in his poem, “To The Sea,” I am captivated by how “Everything crowds under the low horizon,” creating a realm of unity. It is on this sandy meeting place that I discover a profound sense of connection and transcendence. The mundane becomes the surreal. The allure of the dreamy beach life has always fascinated me, the feeling of escape, inviting viewers to join me in a sun-drenched realm where childlike wonder and serenity intertwine, dissolving the boundaries of time. Experimenting with multiple exposures that play with scale, I try challeng perceptions, prompting questions to our own understanding of reality. The creation of these multiple exposures is a fascinating process, The double exposure is made digitally, while the original exposure is made on 6×6 negative film with a classic Rolleiflex camera. This union of modern and traditional methods brings a unique harmony. —intermingling of the contemporary and the vintage, which completes the narrative. I use low contrast muted colors, with a predilection for golden tones to evoke a sense of nostalgia and yearning, transporting viewers to a realm where time’s ceaseless passage is ever-present. The golden sand becomes a symbol of the passage of time—shifting and changing, imbued with both longing and a touch of melancholy. But what truly captures my imagination is the portrayal of surfers as modern-day superheroes, embodying the spirit of adventure and perseverance. Here, on the beach, the young dream of boundless possibilities, while the old reminisce about what once was attainable.