Sylvain Cazenave

Laird on a mission : Outside Sunset Beach , North Shore , Oahu , Hawaii , Dec 1992

in issue 2:

Sylvain Cazenave is a man connected to the ocean and a world renowned pioneer of surf photography.

After 40 years of photographing world’s legendary riders and waves around the globe, he settles in his native Biarritz to launch Gallery Sylvain Cazenave. The gallery is set to become an international reference point for historical and artistic imagery around the world of surf and the ocean’s waves. Sylvain is truly living local and shining global.

Laird flying with his foil , Kauai , 4 Janvier 2012
Back from surf : Cote des Basques de Biarritz , 17 Aout 2014
Vetea David and friends at The Bay : Waimea Bay , North Shore , Oahu , Hawaii, Décembre 1995
Victoria : Paddling out at Cote des Basques , Biarritz , Juillet 2013


all photos by Sylvain Cazenave

Galerie Sylvain Cazenave / 8 rue Gambetta, Biarritz

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